Fabrication Facility

Our state of the art fabrication facility is located in Oxford, CT and is staffed by an experienced team of full time fabricators.  We can quickly and accurately produce any type of removable cover.  BC Flynn's covers fit the best because they are sewn in the actual shape of the equipment, whether that is a single valve or an entire piping system.  By custom-engineering every cover for each customer, our products will fit your system perfectly.  We are committed to providing you with the highest quality and best fitting removable insulation covers.

Newest Technology

Heat Exchanger

  1. Embossed ridged aluminum shell
  2. EPDM rubber insulation covers for access to bolts
  3. Polyisocyanurate foam insulation
  4. Latch style buckles for ease of application and removal for maintenance
  5. Rubber insulation tape for an airtight seal between panels
  6. Rubber pipe insulation for exposed exchanger rod

Inline Pump Box

  1. Aluminum rivet fasteners for a sturdy box with a clean look
  2. Latch style buckles for ease of installation and removal for maintenance
  3. Ridged aluminium shell for strength and durability
  4. Exposed rubber beyond metal for a tight seal against pipe insulation